Baby Safety Pins 4pcs, Blue BB5016

Baby Safety Pins 4pcs, Blue BB5016

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Safety pins make sure you are having all the stuffs together safely at one place. For babies you need to attach hand kerchiefs, nameplates, or napkins around their body. So here arises the need of a safety pin that could safely lock the cloth and do not o

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Featuring Points of BuddsBuddy Baby Safety Pins

BuddsBuddy brings specially designed baby care safety pins to use for attaching handkerchiefs, napkins or any other necessary stuff that's a daily requirement. With a convenient design, you will be getting a better option to store your baby's important stuff in one place.

➤ Made from high quality rust-proof stainless steel.
➤ Includes modern and cute designs.
➤ Comfortable and easy to use anywhere. 
➤ Can be used to attach napkins, diaper, name cards, papers and much more. 
➤ Protective plastic lock head avoids the slipping of the pin. 
➤ Ideal for attaching hankerchiefs or any other thing to baby's clothes.
➤ Safe for babies, lock doesn't opens until its tilted. 
➤ Big size as compared to normal pins, easy to use.

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