Funskool Battleship - The Tactical Combat Board Game

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Funskool Battleship - The Tactical Combat Board Game

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Funskool introduces this game that makes your child the captain of the navy and he controls his subordinates and directs their every move against the enemy.

Naval Combat Game

The game is all about navy officials combating the attackers. This game enlightens your children about navy.

Strategy Board Game

Battleship-The Tactical Combat Board Game is about planning and strategising. This game helps your kids to think practically before making a move.

Double-Sided Battle Grid

Featuring a double sided battle grid, this game allows both the troops to play this fun-filled game and brings about the competition.


Being compact in size, this board game can be carried everywhere and helps beat boredom.

Easy Play

The rules are understandable and the game is easy to play.

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