Funskool Junior Monopoly Board Game

Funskool Junior Monopoly Board Game

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Funskool Junior Monopoly Board Game

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The world's favorite game of business and money is back. Tailored to suit you child's developing mind, this fun game of  profits and losses will teach your children the importance of saving. The objective of the Funskool Junior Monopoly Board Game is to make the most money while bankrupting your opponents. The game is ideal for children aged 4 years and above, and can be played by 2 to 4 players.  This super-fast game of Junior Monopoly will keep your children on their toes as they buy, sell and invest, giving them a businessman's keen sense. The game can be played by both boys and girls. The box contains 1 game board, 1 pack of 24 chance cards, 48 plastic ticket booths (4 set of 12), 1 pack of monopoly money, 1 dice and 4 car playing pieces. So go on, give your children a taste of the world of business.


The world famous board game is back to give you and your family a good playtime. The Monopoly board game is all about trading properties. Buy all the houses and hotels and become the wealthiest player in order to win the game. With this game, your children will enhance their problem solving skills and also get an idea about how a business works.

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