Funskool Mastermind Animal Friends Board Game

Funskool Mastermind Animal Friends Board Game

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Funskool Mastermind Animal Friends Board Game

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Certain board games enhance mental development in children and also help them develop memory strategies that carry over to their academic career. The Funskool Mastermind Animal Friends Board Game is one of such board games where your kids are bound to use their logic and wits to win the game. Suitable for boys and girls aged 5 years and above, the Mastermind Animal Friends unit features a rocky mountain tray, 3 holes, 9 groups of small holes, 9 rows of large holes, 72 colour coded jungle animals in 6 colours, 15 small red creature pieces for scoring, 15 small white creature pieces for scoring and instructions. The objective of the game is to be able to guess your opponent’s secret code in the least number of turns before the game ends. The Funskool Mastermind Animal Friends is a recreational board game and is a great deal of fun playing with family and friends.


Funskool presents an interesting board game that will make your child’s boring day a fun-filled one. Guess your opponent’s secret code in least possible time in order to win this exciting board game. With many cute animals, your children will have a great time. As they start playing this game, your children will enhance their logical thinking and also improve their eye-hand coordination.

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