Funskool Play-Doh Softy Ice Cream Swirl

Funskool Play-Doh Softy Ice Cream Swirl

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Funskool Play-Doh Softy Ice Cream Swirl

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Funskool presents the innovatively-designed Play-Doh Softy Ice Cream Swirl. Instill in your kids, the desire to sculpt and watch in wonder as the Play-Doh amazingly has a function in every form as children create their own stock variety of faux ice creams and sundaes.

Make pretend ice cream swirls
A make believe ice-cream kit, the Play-Doh lets you create ice cream swirls stunningly like a real swirl.

Swirl and scoop Play-Doh
The softness of the Play-Doh components lets children swirl and scoop it with ease.

Make lolly sticks and Sundaes
Children don’t just have to stick to the regular ice creams. Watch them conjure up lolly sticks and sundaes too.

Make toppings ( Chocolate chips, sprinkles, wafers and candies)
For additional fun, toppings such as chocolate chips, sprinkles, wafers and candies are also provided to enhance the look of the ice cream sundaes and swirls.

Enhance creativity
Creativity is certainly enhanced by several degrees as children widen their imaginative skills.

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