Funskool Play-Doh Breakfast Buffet

Funskool Play-Doh Breakfast Buffet

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Funskool Play-Doh Breakfast Buffet

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Nurture your kids to mould, make and serve delicious breakfast with eye-catching Funskool Play-Doh Breakfast Buffet set.

Play doh extruder and mould - Create different patterns and textures
The kit offers children a platform to create various patterns and textures in their culinary creations that make your breakfast look extra special.

Extrude brilliant culinary creations (Egg-omelettes, french toast, waffles, sandwiches etc.)
Watch your children conjure and create mouth watering moulded treats such as egg-omelets, french toast, waffles, sandwiches and more fascinating shapes and patterns.

Create toppings
Let your kids not just stop with the dishes, they are create their own toppings for garnishing.

Includes spatula, knife & fork to serve
The kit includes a spatula, knife and fork that helps them serve and indulge in creative role play.

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