Funskool Rubicks race 8894700  (1 Pieces)

Funskool Rubicks race 8894700 (1 Pieces)

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Funskool Rubicks race 8894700 (1 Pieces)

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A game of strategy and fast-paced face-to-face play, Hasbro brings to you the Rubiks Race. This amazing game is inspired by the iconic Rubik’s Cube.

Encourages Logical Thinking and Strategizing

It’s a game of speed and action. You will need to shake up the scrambler to create new patterns. Once that is over, you will have to slide your tiles to get your colors back in place as fast as you can. Whoever matches his/her colors first will be declared the winner. It is a great toy that boosts logical and strategic thinking as well as is a great fun.

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