Funskool Rummikub Experience Words  (Multicolor)

Funskool Rummikub Experience Words (Multicolor)

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Funskool Rummikub Experience Words (Multicolor)

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Word games help children improve on their vocabulary.The most important thing to keep in mind is that any word game is educative and also fun and interactive. Notably known as the game of manipulation of letters and words - Games Rummikub Experience Words is now the new vocabulary kit your child needs.This game is exclusively for children above the age of 7 years.The Rummikub Experience can be played on any social occasion may it be with family or friends, the game is invariably rapid, stimulating and loads of fun. Beat your opponent with your clever and strategic moves.The game as it goes becomes more interesting and different due to the unique combination of words you blend. You can score according to the length of word. When the bank is emptied, the player with the highest scores wins the game. This board game can be played anywhere, anytime.

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