Funskool Super Bingo Board Game

Funskool Super Bingo Board Game

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Funskool Super Bingo Board Game

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The game of Charades is always a bundle of fun, especially on a nice cozy evening with a bunch of friends. Zapak Kids on Stage-The Charades Game for Kids Board Game always helps one come out of their comfort zone and become more interactive with their peers. Since charades requires you to act out a word in order to describe it, it is the perfect game to gift your child to help him out of his shell. The game is not gender specific and is ideal for both boys and girls who are aged 3 years and above.

Zapak Kids on Stage-The Charades Game for Kids Board Game is definitely the game for the whole family to get together and play for hours. Go ahead, give your child the chance to shine and be in the center of the action.


Play this exciting game by punching out the playing tokens from the runner frames and then choose one of the players to be the designated caller. Distribute the tokens to each player and start the game by acting out the word.

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