Funskool - The orginal Monopoly  (Multicolor)

Funskool - The orginal Monopoly (Multicolor)

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Funskool - The orginal Monopoly (Multicolor)

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Consider a life where you can drive around in your own car and stop at a property, check your bank account and then buy it on the spot. Perhaps you can build a house there, which makes it eligible to get you a good income in rentals. Or you can build a hotel and get even more rent. This is the Monopoly life that we all love to have. This life is available on the Funskool - The original Monopoly game. The object of the game being to take turns in visiting areas of the board where properties have been demarcated. Once you visit the properties, you can either buy them up, or just pass through without doing anything, as long as it has not been bought by another player. During instances where a player lands on properties bought by others, rent has to be paid to the owners. The Funskool - The orginal Monopoly is a game that is both exciting, and fun to play, either with friends, or with the whole family. Any child, regardless of gender, will love this game. It is ideally suited for those kids aged 8 years and above.

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