Funskool Travel Chinese Checkers  (1 Pieces)

Funskool Travel Chinese Checkers (1 Pieces)

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Funskool Travel Chinese Checkers (1 Pieces)

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You can have all the fun and applause even while you are travelling with Funskool Travel Chinese Checkers. With self-contained storage trays and quick set-up facilities, the thoughtfully designed travel board game is ideal for both boys and girls aged 6 years and above. Get 2 to 3 players ready, place 10 marbles inside the star point and kick start your brain to become a winner. Move all the marbles from one star point to the opposite star point. If you are the fastest, you win. This well-known strategy game of Funskool Travel Chinese Checkers, is made compact so that you can carry it with you wherever you go. So, consider the longest hopping path that will lead you closest to, or directly into Home.

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