Funskool Twister Board Game

Funskool Twister Board Game

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Funskool Twister Board Game

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        Let your kids twist themselves into hilarious knots and tangle their bodies to win this fun-filled game.

Real body bender

This Twister Board Game lives up to its name and lets the players bend and twist themselves innovatively in order to win the game.

Full of action

Devised for non-stop action, the game progresses into complicated postures as the contestants try to outwit each other in a laugh-a-minute session of fun and excitement.

Inculcates Team Spirit

Played as a team competition, the game engenders team spirit and social interaction amongst the players and improves the inventive improvisations of the mind.

Can be played indoors or outdoors

Being a board game with a perimeter of a body length, this game can be played indoors or outdoors with the same ease of setting up of the board.

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