Hot Wheels 3 Car Pack  (Multicolor)

Hot Wheels 3 Car Pack (Multicolor)

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Hot Wheels 3 Car Pack (Multicolor)

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We often wonder what are the factors that constitute a love for vehicle based toys. Hot Wheels has all the answers with a whole lot of action stacked in this amazing 3 Pack Set Trackset that is great for indulging in an evening of great, unadulterated fun. Designed specifically for children who are aged three and older, this amazing track set contains a wide range of cars that will keep children engaged in a fun-filled session of action-packed adventure as it also enhances plenty of role-play.

This magnificent set contains a plethora of cars ready to burn some rubber with the help of the four speed launcher. These cars are equipped with intricately designed features and bright, vibrant colours that adds to their appeal. Children will have a fascinating time as these cars require a push back and go feature that displays their amazing speed and swiftness. Let your little ones race one another and have a ball of a time with the Hot Wheels 3 Pack Set Trackset guaranteed to provide great fun

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